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NO Disease, including cancer can exist in an alkaline environment
Dr. Otto Warburg. (1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery)

Alkaline Water is the new way of staying healthy

Instrumental in weight loss.

Effective in working as anti-ageing.

Filter out toxins from the body.

Maintain pH balance to fight metabolic syndrome.

Tackle bone loss.

Best source of magnesium and minerals.

benchmarkinc. is an innovation driven startup, initiated by Mr. Sanjay Panchal, a stalwart in the field of network marketing and sales. With a vision to bring reliable yet affordable products for fellow Indians, BenchmarkInc. has established a platform wherein people can EARN health and money, both, by just recommending ACE BIO and ALKAPLUS to their friends, colleagues and relatives.

This outstanding business opportunity comes with less investment and more gains, wherein a partner not only earns at the comfort of their home but also benefit others with good health.


We aspire to become synonymous to growth and happiness. We believe that the patrons associated with our organization not only earn numbers but also a great lifestyle.

Build the best networking model, inspiring people to form healthier and prosperous community.

ACEBIO is an innovative brand product of a leading international company – WATERS, largely manufacturing Bio-alkaline pots for 42 years and it has its wings spread across 60+ countries. Being the front runner in making functional water for the health of human beings, WATERS introduced ACE-Bio jars, most suitable, reliable and portable water purifier, which can produce alkaline mineral water by itself, for the entire family.